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Support Coordination

Support Coordination

The role of the support coordinator is to link participants to the NDIS plan with support and services in the community. Our role as a support coordinator is to make your life complementary and help make your NDIS plan a reality. The Support Coordinator will help you understand how you can use your NDIS plan to achieve your goals. To have support from the community and key professionals (such as physicians) to achieve the goals of your unique NDIS plan. Learn how to access the NDIS portal so you can track how your funds are spent. Track progress and results to reach your goals. Help you prepare for your next NDIS presentation meeting.

There are four stages of Support coordination:

Stage 1- Engagement

The first meeting with the quantum disability is with our engagement manager. We will describe your NDIS plan and evaluate how you can help you to reach your NDIS goals. We encourage you to share information about yourself, such as your name, NDIS number, disability, and the most important people in your life. That way, we can understand the goals you want to achieve. A service contract is created during this meeting. It outlines eligibility options and how you work together. If you determine that the eligibility option is the provider of your choice for coordination, you will need to sign a service agreement. Engagement managers then match you with the best support coordinator to meet your needs, goals, and aspirations.

Stage 2- Planning

 Your circle of collaborators is encouraged to attend this meeting to paint a complete picture of your life. During this meeting, we will discuss achieving your NDIS goals, understanding your category of funding, and explaining the do’s and don’ts of support coordination. Together we will create a unique, personalized, lifetime program that reflects your specific needs, wants and desires. As such, allow us to achieve your NDIS project goals. After the planning meeting, we’ll complete a one-page profile so we can personalize your service and connect you with the right support staff and services for you.

Stage3- Implementation

Your Support Coordinator will meet with you and your family members to determine how your goals are being met and help you navigate NDIS by connecting and coordinating informal, substantive, and funded support in the service delivery environment. We will accompany your NDIS journey and aim to help you ‘make it possible’

Stage 4- Monitoring

Once your project is established, together we will monitor your goals, needs, and aspirations. We keep track of how goals are being achieved so there is better information to use when reviewing your project with the NDIS. This usually happens once a year. As part of the process of working with you, our goal is to develop and strengthen your skills, capacity, and confidence to take control of your NDIS project. Once you are comfortable organizing your NDIS project, you have the option of managing your own project independently.