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Specialised Disability Accommodation

Specialised Disability Accommodation

If you live with a high level of disability, it can be very difficult to find a regular home that adequately meets all of your support needs. Lack of adequate housing can affect flow, affecting your ability to take care of yourself, move around your home, and complete daily tasks. It can also prevent you from leaving the community and participating in your own activities. On the other hand, proper housing can have a profoundly positive effect on people’s lives, allowing them to live comfortably and enjoy life to the fullest. To provide this opportunity to all Australians with disabilities, NDIS is funding eligible clients for Supported Independent Living (SIL) & Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Special Disability Accommodation: NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodations are accommodations where people with disabilities or very high support can live comfortably and receive daily support. This includes assisted shared housing, community living units, or self-contained housing with specialized housing solutions. It is important to note that SDA housing is different from supported independent living (SIL), which refers to the support services you receive to support independent living.

Living in special disablity accomodation:

Unlike a regular building or apartment, the SDA has special household features that can meet the needs of clients with disabilities. This helps to ensure that people have choices and pride in living situations, regardless of their circumstances or physical limitations. In home care, the SDA residence can be a self-contained apartment; Villas, duplexes or townhouses for some residents; House or group home. The building may include provision for improved wayfinding, physical access to wheelchairs, a stronger building made of impact-resistant material, and physical access for those in need of high support. The Care Specialist is located close to disability housing, shops, facilities and public transport, so that you can easily reach the community. We also believe that they should be real homes that you think are suitable for a person’s interests and personality.

How the funding works:

NDIS allocates funds for two separate parts for supported housing. Specialist handicap (special building where you live) and supportive independent living (support and services that support your daily life). NDIS participants with SIL funds are not SDA approved. These categories are funded separately in participant projects. It gives people more control over where they live and the support services they use. For example, if you like where you live but are not happy with your support workers, you can replace your support workers without changing home. It works the other way around. You can change your living situation without stopping to meet the support workers you are friends with.


Not everyone with a disability needs special disability housing. NDIS approves SDA funding for only a small portion of people with severe functional impairment, or requires permanent and readily available assistance. In addition to considering individual goals and preferences, NDIS assessment may include assessment of daily life, practical assessment, and / or behaviour. If approved, your money will be used to cover the cost of housing. It cannot be used for any other purpose. If you are not eligible for SDA funds, you will be able to receive NDIS payments for home renovations so that you can live comfortably in a mainstream home. Want to talk face to face with NDIS disability facilities and how does this money work? The Quantum Disability team is happy to chat. Please do not hesitate to get in touch!