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Assist Life Stage Transition

Assist Life Stage Transition

We know that moving to a new stage in life is a difficult time for everyone, and if there is a disability, it can be very difficult. Quantum Disability Counselling is great at helping NDIS participants move through their life stages. There are many transitions in life. For example, starting school, leaving home, getting the first job, quitting a job. At each of these stages of life, you can benefit from a planned approach that explores individual abilities, needs, and goals. With proper planning and networking, we can help you transition your life and achieve your goals.

Our Life Stage Transition Program includes short-term and long-term support focused on helping you support your family life, join the community, and coordinate your own support. This includes
  • Support coordination & Connection
  • Assistance with planning and decision making
  • Individual Participant Skill Development
  • Assistance with tenancy obligations and Accommodation