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Community Nursing Care

Community Nursing Care

Quantum Disability Services nurses are caring, highly trained, culturally sensitive, and helpful professionals. Community Nursing Services are there to meet participants clinical and personal needs so that they can lead an independent and healthy life. Quantum Disability Services community nursing services can be provided in your home or at our community clinic by a qualified nurse, and you can access these services on a regular or irregular basis. The registered nurse will assess your clinical need for nursing services and / or personal care. The RN will then determine the type and frequency of nursing and personal services you need after consulting with you. Our home care services provide clinical support at home from the basic to complex care. Community nurses often serve as a bridge of interpretation between different public service providers and CALD nurses who have experience working with people of different cultures. Quantum Disability Services Community Nurses protect you and help you give yourself more voice in your own care.

How we can help our Participants:

Being your private nurse or private assistant during your hospital stay allows you to focus on recovery while we focus on your nursing care. Our staff is very experienced and up-to-date with current knowledge and practice. Imagine, when hospital staff rarely disperse and patients are the most vulnerable. It is a great comfort to know that your private nurse can do care for you. Our team works with hospital staff to make sure they are heard when you want your needs taken into account. We are happy to provide you with complete peace of mind as we work with you. We work in collaboration and consultants such as your health professionals such as your general practitioner, specialist and others involved in your care. Our nurse will help you recover as quickly as possible. Our community home nursing services give you the support you need to get better quickly. We offer our service in the comfort of your own home after an illness, hospital stay or medical intervention. We have a staff of highly experienced nurses and support staff, as well as a network of selected and recommended specialist providers to meet all your care needs.

Our Team:

Each member of the nursing team has been carefully selected to ensure that they adopt the values of Quantum Disability Counselling: Respect, Person Centred Approach Integrity and Cooperation. They also have the experience, qualifications and knowledge required to provide the best possible care to you or your loved one. They are highly qualified with a wide range of medical skills and experience.