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We are all social animals by nature, and there’s a lot of evidence that friendship and community involvement are important for our overall health and happiness. However, socialising and participating in community activities can be challenging for persons with disabilities, and many people in this scenario feel lonely and isolated. 

The advantages of Social & Community Participation Campbelltown, This has numerous advantages for people with disabilities and their caregivers: 
– It has the potential to increase one’s sense of well-being. 
– It boosts labour force participation, resulting in financial gains. 

-It has the potential to reduce long-term care and support expenses while also preventing people with minor requirements from having higher and more expensive levels of care in the future. 

The NDIS’s Function 
The national NDIS insurance scheme’s overall goal is to provide lifetime support to people with disabilities and enhance their life outcomes. This involves ensuring that people with disabilities have access to the same opportunities as the rest of the community. 

You may be eligible for social and community involvement funds as an NDIS participant. This type of funding can be found in both the ‘Core’ and ‘Capacity’ categories. 
Assistance with social and community participation is a funded support category listed under ‘Core Supports’ in your NDIS plan. This funds covers the assistance you’ll need to achieve your goals for participating in community, social, or recreational activities. These activities can take place at a facility, such as a gym, or in the community. You must also be able to show that they are appropriate and required in light of the objectives you set out in your NDIS strategy. 
The NDIS may fund a support worker under ‘Assistance with Social and Community Participation’ to help you: 

             –     within a social group, take personal development classes. 

  • go on a trip, vacation, or to a summer camp 
  • Visit the library, watch a movie, or attend a concert. 
  • Join a sports team or participate in social activity. 
  • participate in a community event 
  • accompany you to a musical performance 

Your support worker’s rate under your plan may vary depending on the day of the week, the time of day, and the level of assistance you require. 

Supports for Capacity Building 
Another sponsored support category that you might encounter in your NDIS plan is ‘capacity building.’ 
This type of funds can be used to pay for things like tuition, art lessons, sports coaching, and other activities that help you develop your abilities and independence. 

Funding could also be utilised to create volunteer support networks in your community, as well as mentorship and peer assistance. 
To receive NDIS funding for these services, you must be able to show that all of these activities are reasonable and necessary and that they align with your NDIS-identified personal goals. 

What are the social and community activities that are supported? 
The following are some specific examples of support that can be funded through your plan: 
A limited number of courses, such as horseback riding, art, dancing, or singing classes, may be financed to allow you to try out a recreational activity and assess your skill and interest in continuing with it. 
Attending a camp or organisation that focuses on developing interpersonal skills and providing a variety of activities and opportunities to explore new interests. 
Purchasing the specialised tools you require as a result of your impairment. For example, if you want to play golf, you’ll need to purchase an adapted golf club, or if you want to take a drumming lesson, you’ll need to get an adapted glove to handle the drumsticks. 

If you have a disability, you have the right to participate in the same activities as the rest of the community and to reap the benefits of social participation. 
Your NDIS funding, as well as being matched with skilled and appropriate support workers who can work with you to reach your goals in this area, can assist you in doing so. 

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